Fractional CMO / Marketing Leaders

Our Approach

A Fractional CMO provides your organisation an experienced Marketing executive leader without the commitment of the full time cost of the leader within your business.

Outsourced Expertise

Outsourced expertise without altering existing internal business structures and teams.

Marketing Experience

An injection of marketing experience for the areas of your business that require immediate attention, or are short term or temporary in nature.

Upskill your team

A chance to upskill your executives and marketing team members with effective tactics, perspectives, and approaches to old or new business challenges.

Signs your business would benefit from a Fractional Marketing leader:

  • You do not have an effective strategic plan for marketing
  • You are spending on marketing activities, but aren’t sure of the value /impact/ return of these efforts. You have been committing ‘random acts of marketing’ but want a more robust and purposeful strategy to assist your growth goals
  • You lack marketing metrics that can demonstrate ROI or sales impact
  • Sales are slowing down or stalling, and you need new strategies to revive lead and pipeline opportunities for the sales team.
  • Your marketing department has only one/ a handful of relatively inexperienced staff members who are effective at executing tactics, but don’t have the experience or skills to implement an effective integrated marketing plan.
  • You’re at risk of demotivated staff who do not have the benefit of experienced marketing leadership within the business to support their development as marketing professionals;  mentorship and/or a robust marketing plan to direct their efforts would make a significant difference to their success.
  • Your CEO / Founder or Head of Sales still owns the marketing strategy, but admittedly doesn’t really ‘know’ marketing. 
  • Your business is reaching the next phase of maturity, or there is significant disruption in your industry, and you need a new approach or fresh eyes across the challenges and opportunities to successfully keep pace.
  • Marketing is reactive to sales and executive requests, but is not strategic, nor is it integrated to the wider business plan.
  • You have a specific project or business opportunity which would benefit from a short term  injection of experience which you don’t have within your business. 

Why RevenueLab Fractional Marketing leadership

We offer our clients a part time Marketing leader who can help your business embed growth initiatives and strategies for the long term. We love our craft and we are good at what we do. After years in industry executing marketing initiatives, setting strategy, and building and managing high performing marketing teams, our Fractional Marketing team know how to identify opportunities, fill the gaps, and drive effective strategies for maximum impact.

Services our Fractional CMO team can offer:

Marketing strategy

Purposeful and strategic marketing strategies that aligns to customer needs, your businesses vision, goals, and finances. Work with us at any point throughout your year to embed the right marketing direction, or leverage us for those key moments in your financial year such as annual planning and mid-year reviews.

  • Planning with your Executive and functional teams
  • Value Proposition and target customer reviews
  • Pricing Strategy reviews.

Campaign planning:

Bring us on board to formulate your core campaign cadence- annual and quarterly plans, or specific core project plans for specific launches, sales initiatives, and new market opportunities.

  • Marketing Calendar cadence
  • Marketing briefs, for internal and agency use (including working directly with agency and media partners on your behalf)

Marketing coaching and mentorship

Senior management, mid level marketers, and junior team members who could benefit from an external seasoned director and coach. We can also support your executive team for crucial senior planning, annual reviews, and board meetings.

Product Marketing

Including new product development, pricing, and go to market strategies for this core functional area of marketing that is often overlooked or under resourced.

Brand management and creative direction

Including the selection and engagement of appropriate creative and communications agencies to create a sustained and effective relationship.

Communications strategy

Sengage us to craft a communications strategy that integrates with your marketing goals and activities. This could include working with an existing PR and Comms team member or agency partner to drive key tactics or get your always on communications cadence moving.

What can you expect from us?

We deliver a highly strategic but thorough process in every aspect of your revenue operations. We can help with external growth, sales, and marketing, hiring – and even mentoring and educating of your current team.

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