Sales Enablement


Optimise your sales team

Sales Enablement is an iterative process to optimise your sales people’s performance, productivity and proficiency.

The team at Revenue Lab are experienced sales trainers and coaches who have built sales systems from the ground up.

Our Approach


Create the environment for success

  • Sales methodology
  • Sales process
  • Skills & Capabilities
  • Sales onboarding
  • Coaching programme
  • Sales Playbook
  • Sales Tool kit


Motivate, Transform and Reinforce

  • Sales training
  • CRM & Technology training
  • Certification



  • Embed through training & coaching
  • Measurement and continuous improvement

Sales Talent

Ensuring you have the right people for the right role requires:

  • A hiring profile and formula
  • A  scalable team structure 
  • Skills, capabilities and mindset
  • A training and development programme


Sales & Organisational Performance
Are you using sales data to drive business decisions? High performing sales organizations need:

  • KPI’s (individual & team)
  • A sales compensation plan
  • Metrics, Dashboards & Reporting
  • Data Analysis

Sales Operational Readiness

In order to keep productivity high, sales people need the following:

  • Sales Methodology 
  • Sale Process
  • Sales Technology 
  • Templates & Tools
  • Revenue operations

How we work with you

Develop your Sales Methodology and Process

The right sales methodology should align with your offering, your customer and market. If there is a mismatch, the result will feel unnatural for the salesperson and the customer.

Revenue Lab has developed a number of sales methodologies because we know every B2B organisation is different and has unique requirements. After an initial sales diagnostic has been completed we will:

  • Recommend the relevant sales methodology
  • Customise our methodology for your organisation
  • Tailor your sales process and document the stages required to make a sale.

Design and facilitate B2B Sales Training

Once the right sales methodology has been selected, your sales team will be trained via a blended learning approach, a combination of face to face workshops and online sessions.

Topics include:

  • Prospecting for new business – How to identify, qualify and win new opportunities.
  • Customer Success –Apply strategic selling strategies to grow accounts.
  • Forecasting –  Learn the best approach for accurate forecasting.
  • Negotiation skills – Learn the fundamentals of negotiation to ensure margins, profitability, and customer satisfaction remains high.
  • Selling via Video Workshop – It’s not as easy as jumping onto a Zoom call and pitching your business. Selling virtually requires creativity and a planned, targeted approach.
  • Presentation Skills Workshop – Find the style that is most comfortable for you and become confident and engaging.

Revenue Lab B2B Essentials

It isn’t only sales people who liaise with clients. Help everyone else in your organisation make sure they know how to maximise client interactions. 

Training topics include:

  • Customer Experience Workshop
    Putting customers at the heart of everything you do. Ensure all your staff know how to deliver great service and bring your brand values to life.
  • Building Effective Partnerships Workshop
    Learn how to collaborate and build mutually beneficial relationships.
  • Sales for Non-Sales People Workshop – Ideal for people who don’t see themselves as sales people but are client facing and have to help ‘sell’ ideas or pieces of work.

Sales Manager Programme

The key to any successful sales organisation is ensuring your sales managers are sales coaches that know how to interpret data and empower their people.
This programme will be delivered in a mix of workshop and one on one sessions.

  • Leading and growing high performance teams – Implement the success characteristics required to build a cohesive team who are highly engaged and achieving goals
  • Sales coaching – Create a coaching culture, assess skill gaps, develop coaching plans, observe calls, and follow a sales coaching process.
  • Personality profiles – When businesses engage with their employees as individuals and recognise their unique needs, this allows them to get the best performance out of every member of the team.
  • Sales metrics –  You can’t manage what you don’t measure. Identify and implement the data points to determine an individual’s, team’s or company’s performance.

Fractional Sales Enablement

A Fractional Sales Enablement specialist provides your organisation with an experienced sales trainer and coach without the commitment of the full time cost of the role within your business.


Services our Fractional Sales Enablement team can offer:


Ensure your team have the skills and knowledge to execute effectively

  • A Sales Onboarding programme
  • Onboarding new hires
  • Sales Training
  • Developing your sales skills and mindset 
  • Design a Sales Capability framework for all roles
  • Technology training on CRM and Outreach

Ensure your team is using the right sales data to drive business decisions 

  • Clear KPI’s (individual & team)
  • A well designed sales compensation plan 
  • The right dashboards & reports
  • The right data to drive improvements

We help implement and embed with ongoing training and development

  • A customised sales methodology
  • Your customised sales process
  • Sales tools and templates
  • Your Sales Playbook

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