Solving Performance Gaps

Ignite growth with predictable and scalable revenue

We help organisations ignite revenue growth by solving performance gaps across strategy, process, people and technology so they can create predictable and scalable revenue.

Where should you focus on to accelerate sales performance?

Sales and other executive leaders have no shortage of ideas for what they need to do to improve sales. With so many options—people, structure, process, compensation, Leadership, training—it’s difficult to pinpoint exactly what to do to raise the bar on performance and furthermore how and what to prioritise to achieve maximum impact.

As a team of experienced revenue experts we can help you determine which paths will lead to significant increases in sales performance. Depending on your businesses age and stage, and what you perceive as your areas of opportunity;

You will be guided and mentored by New Zealand’s leading experts to ensure we solve your unique needs while implementing a proven approach. Most leaders know there is huge untapped revenue growth potential in their sales organization. We’ll help you uncover your greatest opportunities for growth and provide you with a roadmap to get there.

To get started we carry out a Revenue Diagnostic

Revenue Diagnostic

  • We’ll complete an assessment of current performance across strategy, process, technology and people against market best sales practices.
  • Provide you with an assessment of current state, with emphasis on specific gaps and problem areas, along with recommendations of how to solve these.

Some of the performance gaps we solve


GTM strategy

 A go to market strategy is your tactical plan that outlines the steps you’ll take to succeed in a new market, with a new customer group or re-engaging your current customer base. It clarifies why you’re launching your product, who it’s for, and how you’re going to tackle the job of getting them to engage with and buy it. We’ve done this many times before so;

  • We first understand your vision, growth plans and targets.
  • We’ll guide you or work alongside you to develop an effective go to market strategy that will accomplish your growth objectives.

Pricing strategy

A pricing strategy can make or break your revenue and profit objectives. Wrapped up in achieving a sound and effective pricing strategy is getting clear on your customer value proposition as this will form the core of your pricing strategy.

  • We will review your core value proposition and your target markets.
  • We’ll consider important elements such as costs, currency, future product development, competitors, and customer needs. 
  • Provide recommendations on the optimum pricing model for your business.


Outbound Selling

Too many businesses wait too long to start outbound selling yet it should be a crucial part of your sales process even in the early days. Outbound selling has become a real science and this is where we come in. 

  • We design an omni channel outbound sales cadence.
  • Create compelling messaging, scripts and templates that really work
  • Develop inputs and tracking to ensure optimum effectiveness and conversion

Predictable Prospecting

In many companies, sales outreach has either stopped altogether or is now just a fraction of what it needs to be, yet having a solid pipeline of sales opportunities is essential to be successful.

  • We guide you through the pillars of effective prospecting 
  • Design a quality focused sustainable outreach plan
  • Build a defined cadence plan delivered with an omnichannel approach.

Map your Buyer journey - Define your Sales Process

The Buyer journey is the process buyers go through to become aware of,  consider, evaluate and decide to purchase a new product or service. Knowing how your buyers buy is essential to create or improve your sales process as you’ll be better able to empathize with prospects, handle objections, and provide the right information at the right time. 

  • You will receive expert advice and input on the phases of your buyer
  • You’ll receive a buyer journey framework and create a repeatable sales process that will help prospects buy more easily. 
  • You will also learn about the psychology of the buyer and the information marketing can use to drive the highest conversion. 

Design your Sales Operating Model

For a first time sales leader or a founder leading the sales team it can be daunting knowing the best way to operate that will drive the results you need.  Lean on our experience and implement a customised and proven approach. 

  • We guide you on the different types of meetings you’ll need and how often
  • We’ll define a robust approach to setting meeting purpose and outcomes 
  • Recommend the data and reports to use 
  • Advise on the types of interactions that will drive the results you need.

Design your Sales Playbook

The world’s best selling organisations have a secret weapon in their toolkit. What sets them apart is a sales playbook.  A well developed sales playbook empowers salespeople to engage customers at every stage of the buying journey and increases the likelihood of winning deals. 

  • We take our winning formula to customise a sales playbook for your customers, salespeople and business.
  • Ensure it becomes the go to resource outlining best practice, tactics and strategies to win the deal.

Optimise Compensation plans

Having the right sales compensation is essential to drive effective sales behavior. There are some crucial aspects that businesses often get wrong and it’s important to avoid them.

  • We first understand your strategy, what you need your salespeople to do
  • Design the best compensation plan to motivate and drive the right behaviour
  • We can help communicate and implement it across your team


CRO and VP Leadership Coaching and development

Investing in your leaders’ development and helping them become the best they can be is crucial in today’s rapidly changing world. Continuous learning and improvement is essential to stay ahead.

  • We provide  1:1 coaching for your revenue leaders from an executive with 20+ years leading revenue teams 
  • We have globally certified executive and business coaches (International Coaching Community)

Sales structure and hiring profile

Specialisation is the new normal yet not necessary for all businesses. It’s also easy to make mistakes by hiring the wrong type of sales people who hinder your ability to get the results you’re looking for.

  • We assess your current structure and advise on the optimal structure for you
  • We develop a hiring profile to ensure you are targeting the right kind of sales people and are able assess their capabilities accurately before offering them the job

Next Steps

You will be guided and mentored by New Zealand’s leading experts to ensure we solve your unique needs while implementing a proven approach. Start with a diangostic that will produce a report highlighting problematic areas and recommendations.

1. One hour free diagnostic – following this we’ll determine if you need a full diagnostic assessment

2. Deep diagnostic – 3 days of interviews and write up of recommendations

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